The Pursuit of Happiness brand was first started back in 2013. We wanted to create something that really empowers people. We have always wanted others to feel that regardless what kind of situations you go through in life, if you keep going and pursuing whatever it is that brings you the most happiness, you can achieve anything.

Life in general has all these different stages, representative of the sides of the Rubik's cube. You can’t move on to the next stage of your life (next side of the cube), without completing that current stage. Just like life, the cube can be viewed from so many different angles and each and every time, especially when a different move or course of action is taken, it’ll look different than before.

Like the cubist trying to solve the cube is constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the next move, we are constantly making decisions and choices that impact that stage we are currently living. Each individual square in the cube represents our own challenges & obstacles. Make the wrong move, and the whole puzzle can become undone. Make the right one and the puzzle becomes easier to complete. This is why you will find our logo used on so many of our products. We want to send out that message, that you have to overcome life's Rubik's cube, and persevere over all those obstacles in your life that are thought to be impossible.